Holistic Counseling + Integrative Health

Holistic Counseling

Compassionate Inquiry meets Whole-Mind Integration

Take a step further where most therapeutic approaches end.

Most approaches to counseling focus on understanding ourselves intellectually, thereby only engaging the client's left side of the brain. In recent years, it has become increasingly known that sustainable change can only happen through whole-mind integration. As whole-mind we understand that body (heart + gut), brain (right, left and pre-frontal cortex) as well as the relational field are essential part of the healing process.

Emotional and physical well-being occurs when our wounds are given thoughtful attention, unraveling the coping habits with which we avoided pain in the past. Without emotional healing, healthy pleasure in current relationships is hard to cultivate because old coping mechanisms return when we are under stress.

Holistic Counseling provides a safe and nurturing container for inquiry to unfold. 

Using basics of Somatic Experiencing®, Attachment and Gestalt Therapy, Holistic Counseling offers the body and psyche the support needed to discharge, renegotiate and reorganize locked-in fight, flight and freeze responses that are stored in the nervous system. Even though most people would say they are experiencing themselves in the present, truth is our nervous systems often responds to current events with automatic reactions that arise from unresolved experiences from the past.

How does a Holistic Counseling session look like?

In most sessions the client and counselor would sit opposite each other. Mostly you (the client) will do the talking, and I will facilitate the journey of exploration of your thoughts, feelings and intuition; mirroring back your body movements taking you deeper into the process. By allowing your body and psyche to more fully inhabit the present and you enhance your capacity to effectively self-regulate. 

“...nobody can stand truth if it is told to him. Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself because then, the pride of discovery makes the truth palatable. ~ Fritz Perls

Holistic Counseling does not diagnose. It aids the inquiry process for insights to emerge. A process that is compassionate, respectful to the client's needs and time requirements.  

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