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The Right Food Could be the Wrong Food for You

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, better mental focus, the first thing on your to do list is a food sensitivity test.

Here is why.

While a number of you look forward to trying new dishes or eating your favorite food, there are times when our body can react to food in ways we don’t anticipate.

Some food can cause food sensitivity because your body isn’t in harmony with that type of food. Once your immune system detects a substance it considers foreign, it recognizes it as a threat and begins to react. The result: low grade inflammation. Over time the inflammation adds up and creates health issues such headaches, migraines, insomnia, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and digestive disorders.


Food sensitivity teaches us that there is no right or wrong food. Instead, there’s right food for our body.

Here two examples:

A client of mine was having trouble losing weight despite eating spinach and salmon every night. In his mind, fish and spinach was a healthy choice since he didn’t combine his meals with carbohydrates. After several weeks and with no weight loss success, he decided to undergo a food sensitivity testing.

Lo and behold, what he discovered was unexpected. He learned that he had a high inflammatory response to spinach and salmon. After switching to a different protein and vegetable, he immediately saw results and started to lose weight.

I used to suffer with digestion and pain after consuming a meal. My favorite food for breakfast was quinoa with almond milk. Back then, I thought my healthy choice was beneficial for my body, but after undergoing the food sensitivity test, it revealed that I had high sensitivity to quinoa and almonds. After eliminating both items from my diet, my digestion and pain issues soon disappeared.

Both of us never realized the cause to why we were experiencing these issues until we took a food sensitivity test. This should be your top priority as to whether you wish to lose weight, increase your energy, and be more focused.

Fortunately, an advance in diagnostic technology is now available to detect food allergies and sensitivities. Using a small amount of your blood from your finger, can determine 95 foods most commonly associated with food sensitivities and which food you can eat or avoid.

Are you ready to stop the guessing game and feed your body the nurturing foods it needs to thrive? Contact me to schedule your test.