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Are you going NUT?


With dairy having gotten a bad rep and many people being lactose intolerant, people switching to alternative milks, most of them to nut milks.

Learning about my lactose intolerance I switched to the Almond milk. I even convinced my local coffee shop to carry it.  I had Almond Milk in my smoothies, added it to my quinoa, enjoyed my daily nut cookie, started eating nut cheese and oftentimes had a hand full of almonds or dark chocolate with nuts in the afternoon. You can say, I went nuts on the nuts.

I was not the only one going on a nut feast, magazines were touting that “nuts have it all”. They are rich in energy, protein, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

The first time I noticed that consuming too many nuts could cause trouble with my digestion was after dinner in a raw food restaurant where I had raw pasta with a nut cheese and a desert with cashew nuts. Walking out of the restaurant my belly was grumbling and elevated resembling that of a pregnant woman. Over time my digestive issues got worse and so did my indigestion.  I could feel their air stuck and undigested food not moving while I was getting more agitated by the day, continuing the nut products. 

I finally found out the culprit that was creating the trouble after doing the food sensitivity test. A quick prick blood test and looks at which food my body is sensitive to and hence creates an inflammatory response and antibodies to.  The items on top of my inflammatory response list were nuts. Number one was almonds followed by peanuts, cashew nuts and walnuts. After consciously eliminating them from my diet, my digestion and pain issues improved. This had me thinking about nuts and our increased nut consumption that I saw mirrored in many of my health conscious client, nutrition colleagues and friends.

Growing up I remember that nuts were mainly a food of the winter, were shelled and required a nut cracker. Naturally we would eat less nuts. Today with the availability of nut milks, many people are replacing dairy products with nut milks, nut cheese, nuts grains eating them year around. If you think about it, the increased consumption of nuts today is not aligned with nature nor with the way that nuts used to be consumed. 

To add to that, slithered nuts give perfect environment for mold to grow or go rancid. Exposure to light, air, moisture, and outside bacteria can hasten this process. Add to that many of us hastily eating our food without properly chewing, biting a few times on the nuts and then swallowing them without forming a liquid chime, and in the process of moving through our gut the nuts sharp aggravate villi and sensitive mucosal lining.

Ask yourself: Could nuts create my digestive trouble? Interestingly over 90% of food sensitivity testing I did with my clients come back with high inflammatory response to nuts. To know if you are one of them contact me for nutritional testing. Or follow at food elimination, meaning you’d leave nuts out of your diet for a period of time, let’s say 1-2 month and then sharply reintroduce them and see how your feel.