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How a Watch Changed Time: The wondrous insight after putting on a wrist watch

After not wearing a watch for over 18 years, something interesting happened to me that motivated me to share my experience with you. In the past, I’ve used my smartphone when I wanted to know what time it was. That changed when I was given a hand-me-down watch from my mother. So I put it on, and right when I did, I looked at it and experienced a full body visceral response that came with great insight. An appreciation of time. Where 18 years ago I used my watch to see the time; my watch is now a reminder of “Am I spending my time wisely while being present in what I am doing.” Read More


Are you going NUT?

Ask yourself: Could nuts create my digestive trouble? The first time I noticed that consuming too many nuts could cause trouble with my digestion was after dinner in a raw food restaurant where I had raw pasta with a nut cheese and a desert with cashew nuts. I finally found out the culprit that was creating the trouble after doing the food sensitivity test. This had me thinking about nuts and our increased nut consumption that I saw mirrored in many of my health conscious client, nutrition colleagues and friends. Growing up I remember that nuts were mainly a food of the winter, were shelled and required a nut cracker. Naturally we would eat less nuts. Today with the availability of nut milks, many people are replacing dairy products with nut milks, nut cheese, nuts grains eating them year around. Read More