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Brewing Trouble: Caffeine-Induced Anxiety

Are you running on false fuel? Several studies have now proven that there is a link between coffee consumption and anxiety. Research coming from the University of Michigan concluded that coffee leads to symptoms of worrying like nervousness, sweating, and shaking. In particular people with anxious disorder are vulnerable to caffeine induced panic attacks. A study, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, confirmed that a dose of caffeine equivalent to two or three cups of coffee can constrict the blood vessels in the brain and cause a reduction of blood flow to the brain by 27 percent. Read More


Low Blood Sugar and Anxiety

Have you ever thought that your anxiety may be caused by low blood sugar? So many of my clients who have mood swings, anxiety and depression actually just struggle with low blood sugar (aka hypoglycemia). If you find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety take a look at your blood sugar. Our organs and brain rely on a steady supply of sugar. When your blood sugar is on a tailspin your body calls an alarm signal. This sets into motion a hierarchy of processes all to make sure that your organism continues to function. It sends a stress signal to your liver to break down the storage of starch to bring back your blood sugar into balance. As sugar is essential to your organism and organs survival this stress signal feels identical to anxiety. Read More